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The CC(Combat Coordinator) furnished two maps of the same scenario for the game. One he keeps and one he furnishes to the players. Players may make their own personal copies as necessary. It may be easier to follow the example if you print out the maps. Click on each map name to open the map window. Click anywhere on the map to close the map window. Note: Pop-ups must be enabled to open the maps.

Mesa Map 1 (M-1)
The game begins with a four member team(A,B,C,and D) in a captured WPO helicopter. They have landed on a helipad atop a mesa in a desert. There is no specific mission except to investigate the surrounding facility if they so choose.
Besides the helipad, there is a building straight ahead(west)and to the left(south)of the copter. There is a closed door and a shuttered window on the west building. On the south building there is an open door and an open window. There are no personnel visible from the team's present vantage point. Team member C suggests he and D investigate the south building. Team leader A agrees and C and D leave the copter.
As they approach the south building C asks the CC what they see on the south side of the west building. There is a closed door and an open window but no visible personnel.
C carefully peers into the door of the south building while D crouches and peers into the window. There appears to be no one inside from both views. There is a truck with some boxes,barrels,and crates on the floor.
C enters and D remains by the door standing guard, especially keeping an eye on the south side of the west building. The south building appears to be a garage. The truck inside faces a large closed corrugated metal door. There are no visible keys to the truck but C feels it could easily be hot wired. There is an open window on the garage's south side. C looks out the window. The CC tells him he sees nothing but the edge of the mesa and the desert beyond. C investigates further and finds a substantial cache of weapons and ammunition among the crates.
C exits the south building and goes back to the copter. He reports his find to A. D remains standing guard at the south building door.
C suggests the team abandon the copter and take off with the arms cache in the truck. A decides he wants to investigate the west building first. C argues that they should play it safe and take advantage of the situation. A disagrees. He tells C to load up the truck but that he(A) and B will investigate the west building.
C throws up his hands and quickly heads back to the south building.
While C and D begin to load up the truck, the door on the west building facing the copter opens and a man(WPE1)walks out. He wears no uniform but is armed with a holstered pistol by his side. He pauses and studies the copter.
Inside the copter, A attaches a silencer to his pistol in preparation.
WPE2 loosens the flap on his holster and places his hand on the pistol. He approaches the copter with the pistol remaining holstered. A fires, and with a roll of the dice, kills WPE1.
A and B quickly exit the copter and approach the west building.
A moves to the left side of the open door and stands guard, but not before asking the CC what he sees as he approaches. The CC tells him he sees only a water cooler and a trash bin. B slowly moves in on the right side. B, of course, sees the other end of the room. The CC tells him he sees the right shoulder of someone sitting at a desk, partially hidden by the open door. The person's back is turned and is facing south. Behind the figure,to the right,is another door. It is closed.
B signals A and enters quietly with A close behind. The person at the desk is a uniformed WPE(WPE2). He is typing. B pulls out his knife, muffles WPE2's mouth and slits his throat.
A approaches the other door. He slowly turns the knob. It is unlocked.
A opens the door slightly and asks the CC what he sees. Sitting at a table at the north end of a larger room is a group of WPEs. There is a window at the north and west side of the room. Both are open.
One of the WPEs notices A and rises, reaching for a gun.
A pulls back, withdraws a grenade, and tosses it into the room. He shuts the door and tells B to follow him to the truck.
The grenade explodes. Dice are rolled to determine the grenade's effect. Two WPEs(WPE3 and WPE4) are killed. The rest have scattered or escaped via the open windows.
As A and B head toward the garage, B is engaged by a WPE(WPE5) coming around the north side of the west building. B is wounded and incapacitated, unable to return fire.
A engages WPE5 and kills him.
With the truck now loaded, C begins to hot wire it. D, having heard the melee outside, goes to the open door and looks out. According to the CC, D sees A and B not quite halfway between the two buildings. B is down and A is assisting him. D also sees the dead WPE by the helicopter, the dead WPE on the north side, and two more WPEs(WPE6 and WPE7) running out of the west building's south door.
D engages WPE6. He kills him.
WPE7 engages A and A is wounded.
A returns fire, killing WPE7.
A has dragged B to the southeast wall of the west building and is holding his position.
C has started the truck. He yells at D, asking him the status of the situation outside. The CC informs D that two more WPEs(WPE8 and WPE9)have emerged from the southwest corner of the west building and that another WPE(WPE10)has rounded the northeast corner of the west building. D relays all this to C.
C tells D to hop in the back of the truck. He does and crouches behind the crates.
Meanwhile WPE10 has seen A and engages him. A is wounded again.
A returns fire and kills WPE10.
C crashes the truck through the garage door. He spies WPE8 and WPE9 and swerves into them. WPE8 is crushed under the truck and killed. WPE9 is flung forward. He is not killed but incapacitated. The truck is now stopped, slowed down by the bodies, including those of WPE6 and WPE7.
C is engaged by a WPE(WPE11), who is positioned around the southwest corner of the west building. C is wounded. He is incapacitated, unable to return fire.
D rises from the back of the truck and engages WPE11, killing him.
There are no more active enemy units.
A finishes off WPE9. B needs serious medical attention. A assists him to the copter and the two of them take off to get aid. C's wounds have been treated and he is able to drive off with D in the truck with the weapons cache.