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Does there have to be a team leader?
It is not mandatory but you will soon realize that the more you work as a team the more likely you are to survive. The best teams have leaders. That does not lessen the importance of the other players.

What designates a team leader?

The team picks the leader. Someone who can think quickly and has had a great deal of combat experience would be the best choice.

Can a player develop his or her own strategy against the wishes of the team leader?

Yes. After all the game reflects the real world. It is human nature to want to go in ones own direction, but as stated above, one's chances of surviving are better if everyone works together as a unit.

Can the enemy be captured?
Yes, the best way to accomplish this would be to create a diversion, sneak up to the soldier and knock him unconscious.

Can the captured enemy unit be interrogated?
 Yes, for information on how to do this, refer to the player's manual.

Can you use regular 6 sided dice?
No, however, a 1 thru 20 random number generator may be created by simply writing all 20 numbers on small pieces of paper and placing them in a cup. Draw the numbers one at a time from the cup, returning the drawn number after each draw. Stir them up good between draws.

If a unit (friend or foe) is wounded , can the unit be healed?
Yes, but only by a unit with medical skills. The extent to which the unit can be healed is determined by the CC. Things to consider might be the severity of the wound, the conditions in which the healer is working and the time the healer has to fix the wound. Generally there is not much time to work on an injured player during a mission. Again it is up to the CC to decide.

What is Phase-Based™role playing?
Unlike conventional RPGs this Phase-Based™ game more closely resembles real life by allowing all players to act or react to events in a simulated real-time environment. Turn based RPGs require each player to move in a predetermined order.

Can I use a fictitious weapon?
No. A player can only use weapons that exist in the real world today. Start with Jane's arms manual, although it does not have every weapon in existence, its a good reference.

If a Player is killed can he continue to play as another character?
Yes, at the discretion of the CC For example, if there is a third party in the game, such as a hostage, the dead player can take on the role of the hostage.

Can players be WPO units?
Yes, but it obviously complicates things for the CC, who then has to keep information from both sides.

Can you play the game by yourself?
No, a CC, is needed to choreograph the movements of the WPO units, and a character is needed to complete whatever task that may be at hand.

If an enemy unit is interrogated how do you know they are telling the truth?
It is up to the players to figure out whether or not the character is telling the truth. Only the CC knows for sure if the character is telling the truth of not. One way to enhance the ability for the character to figure this out would be to act out the interrogation.

What is artificial intelligence?
Machine based intelligence. Not organic.

What is the second amendment? What does it have to do with this game?
The second amendment is part of the Bill of Right, the first ten amendments to the Constitution of The United States of America. It reads as follows; "A well-regulated militia, being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed". This basically means that everyone has the right to own and carry firearms to insure that the government cannot take away the rights given to us as stated in the Constitution. This means that if necessary, the "People" will be able to defend or regain control of the government should that become necessary. You figure out how it fits into this game.

Can an enemy unit be converted to the other side?
Yes, by a character with psyop (psychological warfare) skills.

Can neutral civilians be enlisted to help either side?
Yes. Any allegiance a civilian may have to one side or the other has been predetermined by the CC prior to the start of the game, but with psyop skills, a player has the ability to convert a civilian known to be loyal to the WPO.

Can the rebels play a defensive game?
Yes. The CC can create a scenario in which the government forces pursue the rebel team.

Can a player use his or her hands as a weapon?
Yes, for more information on this, refer to melee in the Player's Guide.

Can a player pose as a civilian or enemy unit and spy?
Yes, the ability for him to do this is determined by his "spy" attribute (under Stealth).

How do I create my own map?
A map may be simply drawn on a piece of plain white paper. If you want , you can submit your map/scenario to our site, we will pick one every month as the best. If we pick yours we'll send you a T-shirt.

Can weather play a role in the game? Can the CC dictate if it's raining etc.?
The CC has complete control over the environment. He may create any type of weather environment and can determine the level of intensity of the weather. Therefore, the CC has complete discretion over the effects of the weather.

How can I increase the attributes of my character?
At the end of each successful mission the CC will advise you as to how your experience has increased your skill level. See the Player's Guide for more.

Where do I get a t-shirt?
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