Welcome to Phyrfight™, the world's first Phase-based™ tactical simulator role playing game (RPG). This game has been designed by people with real-world experience to produce a realistic tactical combat RPG.  Best of all, it's free. All you need is a few pens, some paper, and an open mind.

Pen and Paper
Since this is a pen and paper role-playing game, you don't have to buy anything to play. No books, no hardware, no software, nothin'. We give you everything you need right here on the website and we wont even charge you for that. You don't really even need to own a computer. Just go to the library, log on to a public terminal, and print out everything you need to play. If you can find a pencil and some paper, you have everything you need. A twenty-sided die would be nice to have but in a pinch you can just write 1 through 20 on separate pieces of paper, toss them into a plastic cup, and voila, you have a number generator.

Combat Simulator
Phyrfight™ is a reality-based tactical combat simulation RPG. It's intended to reproduce, as closely as possible, real world consequences based on actual battle-tested strategy and tactics. The game play has been extensively play-tested, compared to real world situations, and then tweaked to produce a realistic outcome. What all that means is that if you get killed in the game you probably would have died in real life. First Person Shooter tactics definitely will not work in Phyrfight™. One beta tester remarked "It's so cool to see these Quake Arena and Counterstrike bad asses get killed in the first five minutes." You realize they were dead before they started. It really brings home that "Art of War" stuff. This game is about planning, teamwork, and establishing and maintaining a tactical advantage.


Phyrfight™ is different from most pen and paper role playing games. It deals with all aspects of combat, most of which are not considered "appropriate" in today's allegedly "correct" society. So be prepared to be labeled in all manner of negative ways by paranoid types. Some people are so afraid that, despite the fact this game is played with only pen and paper, several students have been threatened with suspension for playing it in school lunchrooms. Perhaps the game's motto "Shoot, Move, Communicate™" will give you an idea of what Phyrfight™ is all about. Also be advised that some schools will send you home if you wear the T-shirt with guns on it.

We created Phyrfight™ because we wanted to play a game that was based on the real world and incorporated our own experiences in tactical situations, as well as the experiences of our mentors in the Law Enforcement and Special Forces community.
Phyrfight™ is meant to be cooler and faster to play than any other RPG -- we think it is. We play it all the time and have a blast. Try it and if you don't agree, we'll give you your money back -- oh wait it's FREE -- so if you don't like it, you can just get stuffed!  How's that for customer service? Actually we are constantly working on improving the realism and game play, so if you have any constructive criticism we want to hear it.

Enjoy Phyrfight™ and remember, in the real world if you quit, you die.

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