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Like traditional RPGs Phyrfight™ is based on a story. Since Phyrfight™ is a modern combat game and presumably takes place in the very near future you wouldn't necessarily have to play our story or even read it. We think you will get more enjoyment and see the sociopolitical relevance of the game if you understand the story it's based on, but its totally up to you. If you have no interest in our back story then just proceed to the game play instructions. If you want you can even create your own story to wrap the game around. Since September 11, 2001 and the subsequent actions in Afghanistan and Iraq, a lot of players (including us) use this game to play real-world scenarios in those campaigns and all over the world. We have just one thing to say about that, awesome! We haven't had a chance to build matrices for armor, artillery, or fixed and rotor-wing air support but we plan to. If you create one that works, send it to us.

But if are into the sci-fi geopolitical aspects of this game take some time to read the back story and you will see how the world of Phyrfight™ got so out of whack.

The World of Phyrfight™

It is a world divided. Most of the planet's population lives in darkness. Without medicine, power, or running water and completely cut off from all information. The rest live in technological oases. Locked in and locked down inside an Orwellian utopia where an all seeing network monitors every aspect of their lives. Monitored for the common good. There are no more sovereign states no, USA, no Canada, no France. Just one world with one world government. In developed countries people have been forced to chose between freedom, and a life they had come to take for granted. Most of the rest of the world have simply been cut off.

100 kilometer Security Zones are set up around the major urban areas to keep out the unwanted. Between kilometer 100 and 101 is a no-man's land where all identities are challenged, without proper ID you don't leave the security zone alive. Beyond kilometer 101 the World Peace Organization may eliminate any and all threats to the World Order. Anyone not monitored by the Network is considered a terrorist and has no rights. Anywhere people congregate or create communities beyond kilometer 101, the WPO peace enforcers attack with extreme prejudice. The only way to stay alive is to disappear into the wilderness and live in small tribes. Some people on the inside support the ideas of freedom. They pretend to conform and comply in order to help the tribes on the outside, and ultimately all of Humanity. There are secrets that the world government does not want the people to know. Beyond kilometer 101 people live as they did in the dark ages. Most struggle for survival. Some have chosen to fight back.

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The whole story – To learn the whole story, how the world turned upside down, click here.