MISSIONS - The Relay Station

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The C.C.(Combat Coordinator) furnished two maps of the same scenario for the game. One he keeps and one he furnishes to the players. Players may make their own personal copies as necessary. It may be easier to follow the example if you print out the maps. Click on each map name to open the map window. Click anywhere on the map to close the map window. Note: Pop-ups must be enabled to open the maps.

Map A1: In this game, the C.C. has placed a three member team on high ground above the woods to the northwest. He has put enemy units and/or civilians into position, their whereabouts known only to the C.C. unless they are visible from the team's initial position.  The team members will be called A, B, and C. Team member A is the leader. Their mission is to destroy a relay tower within the fenced compound below. The team has no radio or binoculars so communication is limited. First , C studies the terrain and compound below through the scope of his PSG1 sniper rifle. The C.C. tells the team, for they all share the same vantage point, what C sees: There is one window visible on the building and it is on the west side on the second story. It appears closed and covered by curtains. There is a closed gate on the east side of the fence. Two unoccupied vehicles are inside the compound on the east end of the building. There are no personnel visible.

Map A2: The team forms a strategy. C traverses the open field to the west of the compound and takes up a new position on the high ground above the southwestern woods. He studies the compound. The C.C. tells C what he sees. The other members are not informed for they do not share the same vantage point and C cannot communicate with them. There are two windows on the south side of the building on the second story. The nearest one is open and there appears to be a blue glow emanating from within. The other window is closed with shut blinds. The fence is sealed on the south side. Meanwhile, A and B descend and move along the northern edge of the fence and position themselves on the northeast corner. They ask the C.C. what they see. There is a shut door on the east side of the building with a small window in the door. There are no other windows. There is a small metal box with an antennae attached to the gate. From this, A and B determine the gate is electronically controlled. A, whose special skill indicates he has experience in electronics, attempts to bypass the control. Meanwhile B moves to the southeastern corner of the compound, just enough to peek around it. The C.C. tells A and B what B sees from this vantage point. He sees the two windows above but not much detail. He sees no personnel.

Map A3: A is successful in opening the gate (determined by several rolls of the dice). A and B enter the compound and move to the door. A peeks in the window in the door. There is an empty lit foyer and another closed door.

Map B1: A tries the outside door. It is unlocked. A and B enter the building. There are stairs to their left. It is dark at the top of them. To their right a wall. Directly in front of them is the second door.

Map B2: A tries the door before them. It is unlocked. A and B enter the room. It is unoccupied. Just a computer, a couple of chairs and a couple of tables. There are two more closed doors. One is on the west side of the room and the other is on the south side. A and B each try a door and both prove to be unlocked. A and B each explore the remaining rooms. They are unoccupied. They re-enter the foyer. B climbs the stairs. He hears muffled voices. Possibly a television or radio too. He slowly turns the knob. It is unlocked but he does not open it. He goes back down the stairs.

Map A4: A and  B confer and decide they need more information. A exits the building and works his way along the north outside wall to the west side. There he tries to get the attention of C. B remains inside and does nothing.

Map A5: C responds and meets A at the north fence. They share information. C tells A that he occasionally sees a figure (PE1) in the open window and he appears to be armed. The two form a plan. C will return to his previous position in the southern woods. A and B will position themselves outside the door at the top of the stairs. C will try to take out PE1. At the moment of gunfire, A and B will enter through the door and take necessary action.

Map A6: All three position themselves.

Map C1: When PE1 appears in the window, C fires. He rolls the dice to determine the outcome. PE1 is neutralized. With C's shot as a signal, A enters the room with B close behind. The C.C. tells A and B what they see inside. Immediately in front of them, as they enter, is a wall with a loaded gun rack. To their right, at the north end of the room a man (PE2) is seated at a table. He is looking in their direction and is holding a S&W pistol. Another man  (PE3) is standing  on the other side of the table at a sink. His back is turned and he is looking to his left in the direction of C's shot. He is reaching for a holstered pistol and starting to move. In the middle of the room is a large open doorway that leads to a west room. Through the opening they see a television, it is on. In front of that, the corner of a coffee table.

Map C2: PE2 fires at A. The C.C. rolls the dice. After PE2's three actions (three single shots), A is only wounded. It is not serious and he is able to continue. A fires back at PE2. He rolls the dice. After three actions (three bursts), PE2 is killed. PE3 is moving around the left corner of the table. B fires at him and kills him on the first roll. He forfeits his other two actions and remains put. The C.C. asks C what action he is taking. C says he is leaving his position in the woods and is heading to the building, keeping an eye out for any more movement in the window.

Map C3:  A, moves forward towards the table, while looking into the other room. A shot is fired at A from another enemy unit (PE4) in the next room. He is crouched behind the far end of a couch in front of the coffee table. The C.C. rolls the dice and on PE4's last action, A is incapacitated. He is down and unable to respond to PE4's action.

Map C4:  B tosses a flash bang into the next room. The C.C. determines that it has landed behind the television. PE4 responds to the bang by moving behind the couch by the south window.

Map C5: A can see where PE4 has moved and gets B's attention. A points to the wall with the gun rack indicating PE4's position. B fires three bursts into the wall and kills PE4.

Map A7: The C.C. indicates all enemy units in the game are dead. The team destroys the relay tower and the mission is over.